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Gandhi Jayanti

Ekadashi after Vijaya Dashami (IInd and Concluding Part)

On the night of Ekadashi, we have to perform aarti with camphor and placing Tulasi leaves at the feet of the idols; we should partake of milk and fruits only, at the same time praying to God. There should be no naivedyam on this day.

Gandhi Jayanti
Gandhi Jayanti

On Dwadashi, we have to wake up early. We have to prepare a khichdi with moong dal and rice with black pepper and moong dal payasam with jaggery. One fritter is allowed to be made like raw banana bhajia, pakoras, dal or urad vada, etc. All this is offered as naivedyam to the idols and it is partly served to a priest in a temple and to the mendicants. After coming home, the rest is to be partaken by us.

This pooja should be performed on all Dwadashis or at least the Dwadashi after Navaratri. This gives us Satsang, Satmarga, the good mind to not to do bad manasa, vacha and sharira to others.

This time Dwadashi fell on October 2 – Gandhi Jayanti. We usually celebrate this event grandly. But, due to Our Lady of Intolerance, we have not been able to celebrate it with the pomp and splendor that we used to do. We had stuck a Bharat Mata poster on our side wall. They had torn it with blade and had raised an objection to remove it! If this is the situation of Bharat Mata, would Her son Mahatma Gandhi be left behind?

10d7cea2-ca11-43bc-b23a-a67e20240a03Mahatma Gandhi was a follower of Ahimsa. He tolerated all the physical and mental abuse in the hands of the British. If he had left India looking for a safe haven, would we have got independence? We have also taken the example of Gandhiji and have firmly held our ground. Our Lady of Intolerance has tried several ways and means to throw us out of our own house.

We have not even invited the few 3-8 years old kids, who wanted to join us for Navaratri, We have postponed the feast because of Our Lady of Intolerance and her slaves. Before and during Navaratri, the woman has made people throw stones at our door. Initially, the stones were small. Eventually, they became rocks. I have posted the photograph here. We are worried if the stone would have been thrown when the children would have come to our house or when we had opened the door, then what would have happened?

f54532c1-013b-406c-835d-04cb27548b95Secondly, they have spit after chewing pan at several places on our side of the floor. Previously, they would spit without pan in front of our house. Now, it is pan. These people give speeches on cleanliness. I don’t know if they realize that the pan spits are not hygienic. A few minutes after anything has been spit, microorganisms proliferate and can cause various diseases. Mom keeps pouring phenyl on the spits. They keep spitting at new places.

We used to draw rangoli on the floor in front of our home. The woman and her goons would rub the rangoli away. Then, Mom began drawing rangoli on ceramic plates. These people began putting eatables on the rangoli to desecrate it. After some time, they damaged the rangoli and spread the whole thing in front of our home. When we opposed this, Our Lady of Intolerance’s son Fart, threatened to place a silenced gun in our mouths and kill us. He also claims that nobody will know who killed us.

44ff593b-b64b-4d41-ae0f-bd4d1608db73Our Lady of Intolerance wants to pick up a fight with us and speak dirty things about us. This woman is jealous of every movement of my Mom. My Mom is 73. I don’t know what incites this jealousy at that age. 3 years back, when Mom was drawing rangoli on the floor in front of our home, this woman made Fart hit Mom’s hand with his chappal. Mom’s hand has not recovered even now. The woman made her daughter hit my Dad with chappal. What can we do or tell an 11-year-old girl, when the woman behind these things is her own mother? I was going out for something when the girl hit me with a Frisbie. I was hurt badly and the entire family was laughing. Godse is also better than these people.

Our Lady of Intolerance is allowed to place the family’s shoes in front of their house. She is also allowed to place the trashcan there. We are Brahmins. We do not touch the trash after bathing. But, we do not have the right to place the trash can outside and have to be stand in waiting for the trash picker to serve him our trash to bathe later. The reason: my parents do not have a male issue. In these times of Ladki Bachao Ladki Padhao and times of population control, this is happening. If this is the situation for a journalist, then what will happen to common people?

c1282a82-387e-40c6-95b9-38c7447e66a7Here a virgin is reputed to have sexual relations with someone and given birth to a child. Then, the virgin has been seen to have been feeding the child. This is being spread by the girl since she was 9 years old and all this nonsense was confirmed by her 82 years old grandmother. They still continue after the girl’s virginity has been proved. A gynecologist asked, “How can a virgin be pregnant and how can the child come out without any marks in the belly or the secret parts? Did the girl not see the delivery happen? Did it happen from the mouth? Being a gynecologist, I would like to know about this miracle. Ask them and tell me.”

And the ridiculous thing is doctors, medical representatives and teachers all belonging to noble professions have believed this and are continuing to torture us. We are so busy with our own lives that we do not have time to go to court and file a case against them. We have not been able to go to court because of my hectic schedule and my parents’ ill health due to Our Lady of Intolerance’s black magic. But, one day this is going to happen. I wonder how they get the time to talk such nonsense. These people have challenged the police even. Fart has threatened that he would shoot even the police commissioner if he takes our side. This we got to know from reliable sources.


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