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Justice for Girls

Recently, a girl was raped by a politician and her father died under mysterious circumstances in police custody. Post this, the girl’s uncle has requested the CBI to interfere in the proceedings. On Friday, Prime Minister Modi, who was silent for quite a few days, said that this country’s girls will definitely get justice. We do not know what the government will do further regarding this case.
Let’s move on to another case. Destiny brought a female journalist, who is creating awareness in all issues, to a place where the neighbor turned out to belong to the lowest and dirtiest mentality. The father of this friend of mine is very highly educated with 6 Masters Degrees and retired from a very high post. Her mother has a very sharp brain and is a master of all trades, but is unwell.
My friend is not only a journalist but is highly educated as well. She has also inherited her mother in most talents. Her uneducated and uncultured neighbors selfishly only wanted to benefit from her and her family. To this effect, the neighbors spoke ill about the other people in the building to my friend’s family and tried to block all contacts of the others with them. My friend’s family became wary of making contacts with the others in the building.
Unfortunately, when my friend and her family came to live at this place all their expected money got blocked. Later, they found out that their neighbors are proficient in performing black magic and their evil eye also was active. Not everybody will believe this. But, even I have seen it happen in front of my eyes. This disbelief of most people supported the perpetrators of crime.
The woman wanted my friend to teach her children. My friend’s mother suggested that either pay for the tuitions or get us 5-6 more students and she would teach the children for free. The woman wanted only her children to be taught that too not by my friend’s mother. She wanted the exclusive attention of my friend for her children and that too free of cost. My friend refused because she had more important things in her life particularly earning a living through journalism. This resulted in several atrocities by the neighboring woman and her family on my friend’s family.
The woman did not want any others from the building to reap benefits from my friend and her family’s education. She also did not want them to know about my friend and her family. So, she began spreading dirty rumors about my friend and her mother. A businessman bought the commercial area on the ground floor. The woman went there and told him a highly developed version of what she had already been spreading about my friend. She also told the newcomers in the building every possible nonsense about my friend.
Matters went to such a head that detectives were hired to find out more about my friend and her family. The results came. It read that my friend and her mother have good characters and they are all highly educated. But, the woman continued to play with my friend’s reputation. So much so that my friend’s family has been isolated by the neighbors. My friend cannot ask for help from anyone even in the neighboring building if need be. This is just a gist of what my friend is going through. We will keep revealing the whole story in parts time to time.


I have just one question for Modiji. He had said that India’s daughters will get justice. This is a case of a very talented daughter of India. My friend’s neighbor has almost killed my friend’s family. My friend is taking care of very old parents. Will she take care of her parents or tackle this woman? Will Modiji give justice to my friend and her family before they are fully dead? By the way, my friend is a South Indian and their neighbors are Gujaratis.


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