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Rama Ekadashi

Today’s post is about Rama Ekadashi. Here’s how it is celebrated. Rama Ekadashi Rama Ekadashi The eleventh day in the waning period of the moon that comes before Naraka Chaturdashi is called Rama Ekadashi. It is also called Rambha Ekadashi. During the churning of the milky ocean, Rama or Lakshmi ...

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Uthana Dwadashi

On Uthana Dwadashi, South Indians perform the wedding of Tulasi. The main part of the pooja consists of drawing an elaborate and colorful rangoli in front of the house. Rangoli means Ranga + Avali, i.e. it is the auspicious sign to bring in Lord Krishna. We place an idol of ...

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Deva Uthani Ekadashi

4 months back there was a day called Deva Shayani Ekadashi when the Gods go into Yoga Nidra. Since then, in the 4 months, no auspicious activities are performed. Spiritualists and ascetics take up vratas, vigorously during these Chaturmasya. After the Dashami, post-Amla Navami comes, Deva Uthani Ekadashi. On Deva ...

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