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Mathurs visited Mahadevan's Home

Good Sometimes Comes out of Evil! (Part V)

“A SOUTH INDIAN!,” Mr. Mathur exclaimed. “And a divorcee? Radha have you lost your mind? At your age, you can find a younger bachelor.”
“But, Daddy, he is not to be blamed for the divorce. The girl was having an affair with her boss. The marriage did not last more than a couple of weeks. Everything in her and her family turned out to be below his expectations.”
“You are blind to a big fault of his. I will not allow you to ruin your life. I am thankful to him, no doubt that he started off your career. But, I am not happy with his intentions.
“Dad, he has asked us to meet his folks. Why don’t you give him a chance, if only because he gave me a chance?”

Mathurs visited Mahadevan's Home
Mathurs visited Mahadevan’s Home

That evening, the Mathurs visited Mahadevan’s house. His father was in Chennai, so they could only meet Dev, his mother and his younger brother. Dev told them that his brother had lost his right arm in a motorcycle accident a month before his earlier marriage. Dev was driving the motorcycle at that time and had appeared to find himself responsible for his brother’s physical loss. A prosthetic hand had brought a certain amount of normalcy in him, but, that did not seem to be helpful.
Dev’s mother grew very fond of Radha, but, kept insisting that everybody depended upon Dev’s decision. She also requested Radha’s horoscope. Since the Mathurs had not brought a copy of the same at that time, Mr. Mathur gave the elderly woman Radha’s birth details. After that, the Mathurs left.
To be continued…


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