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An Astrological Case-Study
An Astrological Case-Study

An Astrological Case-Study

We have been on the lookout for an astrologer for sharing case-studies. We found Mitushi Palkar through the Facebook and she agreed to share inputs about some of her cases. In the first one, she talks about how the suicide of a friend affected a lady and how Mitushi helped the client recover from the trauma. Excerpts from the interview:


What kind of people contact you for a reading?

Mostly my clients are ladies. They want a consultation for themselves, their husband, children, brother, sister or parents. I’ve clients not only from Pune but from other parts of India, as well as from other countries like USA, Australia, Abu Dhabi, etc. My clients are working women, homemakers, entrepreneurs, etc.

Can we talk about one such case?

Sure.  I would like to share one of my cases with you. It is about my client Aastha (name changed on request).

What was the problem?

One day this lady approached me. She was a mother of a one-year-old child. She is a doting wife and daughter-in-law and happy and content in her life. The day she approached me she was panicky and upset and wanted me to see her charts. This was because one of her male friends had committed suicide. She was certainly upset because that person was a friend, though not a close friend but they had met on WhatsApp. Unfortunately, before committing suicide this person had contacted this lady through WhatsApp. She was on his call list just before his suicide. So this was really a tense situation for the lady.

What did you see in her charts?

I saw her charts and analyzed that there was nothing to be worried about. As per her astrological charts, there was no chance of her getting stuck in any kind of legal matters. But since it was a suicide case and the cops were investigating it, definitely the situation was difficult for the lady. She was going through a lot of stress. But then, I suggested some remedies for her and assured her that nothing would happen to her and it is just a matter of time and she will be out of all this mess with no repercussions.

What remedies did you suggest?

I gave her some mantras to chant. My remedies are simple yet effective. I suggest remedies depending upon the need of the case.

Did she follow your instructions?

Yes, absolutely. She followed my remedies religiously. She did everything as was told by me and in a few days, everything was back to normal. She didn’t get into the mess and was back to her happy routine again.

How did she progress as a result?

She had asked me if her charts were showing any legal problems. So that time, I explained to her that the current positions of planets are showing trouble in her married life. This problem could lead to some issues with her husband. So she should share everything with him. I told her to let him know what she is going through and not to be afraid of the situation. Her husband would certainly understand her, then. But if she kept secrets from him then she might get into trouble with him. I also told her to do some astrological remedy before speaking to her husband. She again did as I told her. Her husband was such a gentleman that he understood the situation and supported her wholeheartedly. And in a few days, she came out of this mess and is happily busy in her life again.

About: Mitushi Palkar is a traditional astrologer and has received the training as a matter of heredity from her late father. She lives in Baner, Pune. She consults at her home as well as over the phone. She can be reached on the mail id –

Astrologer Mitushi Palkar
Astrologer Mitushi Palkar

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