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Moving Toward an Eco-Friendly Ganeshotsav
Moving Toward an Eco-Friendly Ganeshotsav

Moving Toward an Eco-Friendly Ganeshotsav

India is steadily moving toward an eco-friendly Ganeshotsav, in the real sense. Many people have adopted bio-degradable stuff in a big way during the decoration during these celebrations. Subhashchandra Sakroji and his family are one of them. Sakroji Uncle used to live in the same building as we did before 2007. Early 2007 saw them shifting back to their own place in Kothurd, Pune. For the last 29 years, they have been celebrating the festival with the same fervor. Taking a cue from people like him moving toward an eco-friendly Ganeshotsav would only be right with the climatic changes happening on our beloved earth. Sakroji Uncle talks about Ganapathi Bappa, in his own characteristic way in this short interview:

Moving Toward an Eco-Friendly Ganeshotsav
Sakroji Family Moving Toward an Eco-Friendly Ganeshotsav

Do you have a theme for these events? If yes, what was the theme this year?

Every year we try to keep mythological themes with the intention of showcasing our cultural and traditional values to the new generations. This year’s theme was based on the spiritualistic journey taken by the lakhs of Lord Pandurang devotees – The Warkaris. It’s the most humble, simplistic and minimalistic way of living your life that is conveyed through this journey called Wari.

Currently, there have been environmental issues. How do you keep your celebrations eco-friendly?

Environmental concern has always been our top priority in all the themes that we have hosted till date. We ensure to strictly prohibit the use of plastics, thermacol and other non-biodegradable materials. We promote the use of natural materials like wood and paper. In fact, Lord Gajanana, who blesses us in all the walks of our life, is Himself composed of Shadu mud and not POP. The specialty of this year’s decoration is that we have made use of eco-friendly wastes from last year’s decoration materials like mount board, paper, etc. which were not discarded last time.

Do you have any advice for devotees?

Leave everything to Him. He knows the best and plans for our best.

Moving Toward an Eco-Friendly Ganeshotsav
Moving Toward an Eco-Friendly Ganeshotsav

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