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Screenwriters and actor’s association to fight issues

The Screenwriters Association (SWA) and Cine and Television Artistes Association (CINTAA) are signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to address and resolve all issues their members face in the industry. The two organizations felt the need to combat problems common to both after Alok Nath’s refusal to respond to Indian Film and Television Director Association (IFTDA), following writer-director Vinta Nanda’s allegation of rape in the wake of the #Metoo moment.
Sushant Singh, general Secretory, CINTAA, points out that these associations are the backbones of the industry and can work more effectively together, “With a lot of members from CINTAA and SWA turning producers, there are chances of conflicts. The idea is for both associations to form joint committees to address complaints. Together, they will have more power, be respected and feared more.”
Sunil Salgia, general secretary, SWA, added that MOU will address all violations, be it sexual harassment, copy right, payment or breach of contract. “The idea is to fight and take action. The MOU will compel members to attend hearings or else they couldn’t accept cooperation incase of personal grievance,” he concluded.

A Journalist Reveals thinks that this is about time. Coming together as associations can only help justice prevail in the film industry as well as society.

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