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Astrology and Plants

Let’s have some Astrology and Plants, for today. Our author for today is Astrologer Shweta Singh. So, let’s discuss some plants associated with the different astrological signs.

Astrology and Plants

It’s time to let your inner plant parent shine! Sometimes, we just need the right plant to help us bring out our instinctive plant senses. To do this, consider using astrology to determine the best houseplant for you based on your habits, traits and personality.

Aries: Succulent (March 21 – April 20)

Symbolising new beginnings, Aries are known for their assertiveness. These traits are why a succulent is the top choice for an Aries.

Caring for a succulent is straightforward since it doesn’t require any special treatment besides occasional watering and lots of light. The most beautiful varieties come from colorful succulents that thrive in the sun. This directly reflects the overflowing amount of energy an Aries possesses and their constant need to stay active.

Taurus: Fiddle Leaf Fig (April 21 – May 2)

People with this sign are incredibly hardworking and always have their eye on the prize. A Taurus will put in extra time and effort to get the job done and indulge in the rewards that follow. You can bet that their work-hard-play-hard mentality results in long nights of both work and play. With this in mind, it’s no question that a fiddle leaf fig is this sign’s perfect match.

Fiddle leaf figs are coveted plants that are popular for interior designers and apartment dwellers alike. This plant has a reputation for demanding care needs, but this makes the Taurus the ideal plant parent for it!

Gemini: Philodendron (May 22 – June 21)

Geminis are always moving forward and can blend into almost any environment. They’re inquisitive and constantly on the lookout for new knowledge. A philodendron’s shared sense of flexibility and openness make it a great companion for a Gemini!

This plant can adapt to most indoor environments and can thrive with varying light conditions, much like many Geminis. Lacy leaf philodendrons in particular are actually upright vines. This is contrary to most vine plants that commonly hang low and dangle around their planter, like pothos plants and the string of pearls plant.

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