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Healthy Relationships During COVID Times

Today, we are sharing the article – Healthy Relationships During COVID Times. Eminent psychiatrist Dr. Devendra Save says, “The pandemic and work from home scenario has given us all an opportunity to reconnect with our family members. However, since we are new to this arrangement, after several weeks one might find that all the extra togetherness can sometimes also become overwhelming.” He explains how to maintain harmony and nurture your relationships during the pandemic, in this post.

Healthy Relationships During COVID Times

Dr. Devendra Save

Be present and pay attention to your conversations. Avoid using any distractions like phones or any other gadgets while communicating. Practice ‘present moment focus with complete awareness’.
This will make the other person heard and understood. Really listen to what they are saying and try to focus on their needs at that moment.
While you’re at it and putting your lovely efforts to understand them, don’t forget to express your own feelings and make yourself feel heard. Honestly, share how you are feeling and allow yourself to be heard and supported by others.
Put aside some time of your day to connect with your loved ones. Giving time is important for any relationship to grow.
Recognize unhealthy relationships.  Harmful relationships can make us unhappy. Recognizing this can help us to move forward and find solutions.

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