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Naushad Sahib

A Tribute to late Naushad Sahib

Today is the birthday of late music director Naushad Sahib. He was one of the last icons of the old tradition – making music for lyrics rather than the other way round. And he would form his songs around Hindusthani Ragas.
The first and only time I was in touch with him was in the beginning of my career as a journalist and Mom wanted to meet him too. Mom being a story-writer asked him if he would suggest someone to buy her stories from Bollywood, since she had been cheated before by someone close. The only thing he had to say to us was to be careful because according to him not everybody was reliable in the industry.
During the interview on my asking he said that his birthday fell on the Christmas day. I have the habit to wish my professors new year. Being just out of college, I began sending him birthday cards. And surprise of surprises, he would write back to me with affection, like he would write to his grand-daughter! I still have his good wishes in the form of his letters with me.

Naushad Sahib
Naushad Sahib

I may not have earned a lot of money from my work. But I have earned a lot of good wishes and blessings from the stalwarts and thespians of different fields.


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