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Controversy about Dhanush (Part II)

Khushboo hosts a show called Nijangal (Truth) in the Tamil TV Channel Sun. Born a North Indian, this female actor earned a lot of fame in the South, married a South Indian actor and converted completely into a South Indian.


During one of the recent episodes, she said that for the last 16 years; Dhanush is being chased by a couple saying that he is their long lost son. She openly talked about the amount of stress that Dhanush’s family experienced due to this. The couple’s version is that when their son was 16, he left home after writing a letter saying that he would return when he felt like it.

He was not interested in studies. The boy’s school lodged a complaint with the police. So, the couple left it at that. People told them after watching Thiruda Thirudi (2013) that Dhanush is their long lost son. They talked about the different signs on the actor and thus they had come to that conclusion.

However, Khushboo said that she knew Dhanush from when he was much younger. She also had a picture of his as a 10 years old child. She showed that picture too. But, the couple disagreed with Khushboo. The couple challenged, “Dhanush has not said that we are not his parents. Tell him to say it.”

They are also insisting on a DNA test. To resolve this issue the program organizers had invited a lawyer. The lawyer said, “Most celebrities and politicians are made to get involved in such issues. This has become a very common thing today. They all suffer this.”

Khushboo said, “Many people have contacted me saying that they were my parents. People have even contacted me saying that they are my husbands!”

The lawyer concluded, “You have got confused yourself regarding this issue. Go to the police and let them find your son.”

They also showed the son’s picture during the program requesting him to return to his parents. They even requested others to inform if they knew the son, now.

Mom is the biggest fan of Dhanush. She always keeps herself updated about any news about him. She is a little disappointed about this issue. Everything showed in the program is fine. But, when the couple say it strongly that Dhanush is their child, why did the actor himself not bring this issue to the right conclusion by saying that they are not his parents.

There may be many issues connected to DNA testing. But, he should have come forward to conclude the issue.

We request today’s girls and boys not to run away from home for any matter. Solve issues by bringing it to the notice of proper people. There are so many experts, who can help solve any issue. The parents suffer for their entire life due to these happenings. Children should consider this while taking such a drastic step.


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Controversy is the second name of Yashaswini. She goes where something is amiss and picks up the threads to make a clear story out of it. She has also written 2 books in the Radha Srinivasan Mystery Series.

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