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Every year in schools just before Christmas season, the festival is celebrated and they get Christmas vacation. Different types of events are conducted during this time. Let me talk about one such event in a school.


Every year, in this school, there would be puzzles, etc. to be solved. The prizes mostly would go to 2-3 boys in the school. This time the teachers decided to do something different.

The boy, Suresh studied in 5th standard. His class teacher was the classmate of his father. He had come to visit their home one day. This boy was one of the few students, who would bag the prize every year. His father told his friend that this time also his son would only win. But, the teacher disagreed.

He said, “This time it would be difficult for your son to get the prize. Do you remember we took the date of birth of all the parents during this time’s parent-teacher meeting? This time to do something new, we have decided to give the prizes to those kids, whose parents are the oldest and the youngest among all. We will select from only those kids, who write the correct age. We both belong to the same age-group and are neither youngest nor oldest. So, Suresh will not win this time.”

The boy felt very bad. On the day of the event, all the kids were told to write the age of their parents. They did not include Suresh entry. They actually disqualified him. Then they declared the prize. Suresh fought tooth and nail that they had cheated.

The principal also argued, “We asked your parents’ age, not yours.”

The kid argued, “You asked the age of my parents. They became parents after I was born. Before that they were only husband and wife.”

Everybody was stunned. The chief guest was happy and gave the boy Rs.1000 as a gift. The school gave him a scholarship for 1 year. The kid approached his father’s friend and said, “You said this time I will not win. I bagged the best prize only this time.”


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