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Abuse of the Girl-child

Bringing up a Girl-child

Yesterday I was taking my Mom to the dentist, when we encountered a mother with her 2 kids – a 10 year old girl and a 4 year old boy, while going down our building staircase. The woman was loudly scolding her daughter for not performing well in her exams. We have also heard this girl’s grandmother abuse her sparing no indecent word.
In this locality, in which we have the misfortune of living, all girl-children are abused this way. For all of them, the girls should work at home – make round rotis, clean the house, cook food and everything and at the same time perform well in their exams. They don’t seem to have these restrictions for the boys. And they don’t seem to understand that these girls are also little children and how could they handle everything together.
On the other hand, my Mom never made us both her daughters work at home when we were studying. There were a lot of abuse coming from everywhere from outsiders (and still coming) that she had no son asking what would we both do in future by studying. Mom ignored everything and concentrated on us both only and her home.
She would make us stand on 2 stools in the kitchen and make us study at the same time telling us to watch how she cooked. Similarly she would make us stand on stools studying in the hall and made us watch her clean the floor. She never compelled us to do housework.

Abuse of the Girl-child
Abuse of the Girl-child

However, by the time I started working, I also started cooking well enough and do housework easily. My sister slipped into the role of a working wife with ease, learning to make delicious round rotis after marriage.
Mom is 71, but she still does not allow me to take up the entire housework. She shares the work what she can do sitting and that leaves me time to, hold your breath, continue my studies besides my work.
There is a proper way girls should be brought up. And that needs to be drilled into the people living in our locality as well as in other localities where such abuse continues in the 21st century.
Mom says that the government should pass a law about parents not abusing children and make sure it is implemented, like children younger than 14 are not allowed to work in our country. I felt strongly about this and have shared for the benefit of concerned people so that something can be done about it.
People talk about abuse of girls outside their localities. But nobody talks about the abuse of girls happening at the hands on their own parents, neighbours and near and dear people.
Making round rotis is not important for me. As long as they are healthy, nutritious and palatable, even the shapes of India and Alaska are good enough. But what I have studied, what I am studying and what work I am doing for humanity is more important, thanks to my Mom. If people like me did not exist, humanity would have gone to dogs!


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