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Investigate Grooms before Marriage
Investigate Grooms before Marriage

Reply to Blaming the Victim (Part IV- Investigate Grooms before Marriage)

Marrying daughters to NRIs can be tricky. All grooms need to be investigated before the marriage, may it be a love marriage or arranged ones. One man, Rishabh Barukha has been ensnaring girls for their money through marriage portals. Since then, we have been wondering how marriage portals can guarantee the character of an individual. We wrote about them on our website. Girls became alert looking at this article, which they searched on Google. The man somehow reached us and wanted our phone number, on Facebook! We blocked him. Today, we are going to reveal a couple of other incidents that happened several years ago and these can happen again. Thus, today’s post is -Investigate Grooms before Marriage.


Investigate Grooms before Marriage

By Vidhyalakshmi Rao

About 51 years ago, this incident came to light when a girl wrote to a woman’s magazine for advice. The girl was from a poor family and had got a proposal from a rich family. The rich man said he would take care of all the requirements of the girl’s family after marriage. But, there was only one condition; the girl should not ask him about anything he did.

After some time, the girl found out that the man was sexually involved with several girls and would look out for virgins! The girl asked him about it and he said, “I had told you not to ask me anything.”

His parents knew about the man’s character and were selfish enough to spoil the life of a girl. The girl asked, “I can also go out and have boyfriends. Will you accept that?”

He replied, “I will stop helping your family.”

The girl received the following advice from the woman’s magazine:

Join some course and complete your education. Learn to stand up on your feet. Begin to earn for your family and then divorce him. If he asks to return the money, he had been giving your family; tell him, “You spoilt my life. Think that you have paid the money in exchange for that.”

NRI Nightmares

About 25 years ago, a friend of mine began worrying about her daughter, whom she had given to an NRI. She told me about an incident, “A girl went to live with her husband abroad and his father was living with them. The FIL began raping the girl every day. Her husband would come home late and she would not have the strength to be with him. The girl sent a letter to her parents in India somehow and committed suicide. The FIL was ready for it and declared the girl insane. By the time the letter reached her parents, she had died and already been declared mad.”

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