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Tomorrow is Another Day! (Part II)

Suddenly, one day, I received a call from a detective agency! Obviously, I had first replied to an advertisement that they had placed in a leading newspaper.
During the interview, they asked me how I would fit into their organization. I took much trouble in explaining to them that I was the ideal candidate. I knew how Sherlock Holmes concluded the mystery of The Speckled Band. I could conduct myself with caution like Nancy Drew had done in Race Against Time. I could even disguise myself as a burglar, a la the Hardy Boys, in What Happened at Midnight? Well! In short, I could make the best detective in town!
By the time I had completed my speech, the gentlemen interviewers had knowing smiles playing on their lips and had exchanged enough glances that I thought their necks were made up of springs. All they asked me was, did I have my parents’ consent and did I own a 2-wheeler. I did have both. Well! Almost! My parents had given me permission to look for a job and my Dad had a scooter, which I often drove.
Then, one of them called somebody over the intercom. The person, who entered the conference room was a man in his late 20s. “This young lady would like to become a detective. Ms. Kiran Mathur, meet our ace detective, who does most of our legwork for us. This is Mr. Ravi Chopra. Ms. Mathur, you will be assisting Mr. Chopra. You must keep moving about with him and watch his methods closely. And try not to come in his way.”
To be continued…


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