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Father’s Day – 2022

Today’s Father’s Day -2022. One’s parents are an important part of our lives. And our vehicle will not move properly even one of them is not up to the mark. I would request the children of single parents to forgive me for the above comment. I really appreciate what single parents do. My Mom had to be a single parent for some time. So, I know how it is.

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Father’s Day – 2022

My Dad, unfortunately, is in hospital, today. He has 5 degrees – B.Com., LLB, AICWA, ACS, MFM. He was going to study for a Diploma in Statistics.

Mom would take down his notes for him. But by then I had reached the eighth standard. Mom told him that she had to take care of my sister and my studies. So, he had to stop his studies.

While he was in service, he was placed the top level of educated people in his field. He retired as a company secretary.

As children, we have only seen his hitlergiri! There were rules set down at home. We had to be back at home before 8 PM. Too much TV was not allowed. Roaming around without any reason was a no-no.

Mom and Dad, then

The ‘rules’ did something amazing for us. My sister and I are very disciplined journalists, today.

He had gone to the Gulf for a few years. During that period, Mom had been our Dad, too. Hitlergiri in a soft manner. That is my Mom.

My sister and I are lucky to have such parents.

To be continued…

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