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Overcoming the Fear of Judgment

Today’s topic is Overcoming the Fear of Judgment. Many people fear how others judge them. We need to overcome this fear. Eminent Psychiatrist Dr. Devendra Save explains how. Overcoming the Fear of Judgment Dr. Devendra Save Dr. Save asserts, “Let’s face it – no matter what you do, people will ...

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Vain Efforts

Like I said before, my daughters have been writing poems since their childhood. This is another of my daughter Gayatri’s poems that she wrote when she was in college. The poem signifies that the human efforts are often in vain. Vain Efforts By Gayatri T Rao The sweet smoke came ...

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Deceptive Mental Illnesses

Today’s topic is Deceptive Mental Illnesses. The face of mental illness can be deceptive; hidden behind big smiles, wide eyes and exuberant expressions; forced into place to avoid detection. Dr. Devendra Save helps us understand the telltale signs of these issues with your family members and friends. Deceptive Mental Illnesses ...

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