Sunday , October 24 2021


Lord Krishna’s Palanquin

By Riddhima Gupta Lord Krishna’s Palanquin procession in Mussoorie After Sri Krishna Janmashtami in Mussoorie, the queen of the hills, Lord Krishna’s Palanquin is taken in a procession on the subsequent Sunday. In Mussoorie, the procession of Lord Krishna’s Palanquin has been a tradition for the last 142 years. The ...

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Questions from our Readers – September 2021

A Journalist Reveals received some questions from our readers, this month as well. Our Resident Fortune Card Reader Sundaravalli replies to Questions from our Readers – September 2021 in this post. I am a divorcee and I had remarried. Now, my second marriage is also about to break. What is ...

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A Mistake!

Today, we introduce a budding poet. Her name is Riddhima Gupta. We are sharing her poem – A Mistake! – here. Read more about her in the about section. Riddhima Gupta A Mistake! By Riddhima Gupta I don’t wanna do this, But, I’m going insane. There’s no way that can ...

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