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How will 2023 be for India?

The future is quite unpredictable but one of the best astrologers from India Dr. Pankaj Goel makes it easy and helps people to have an idea about what might happen in the coming year. So, let’s have a look at –  How will 2023 be for India?, that he has shared with A Journalist Reveals. In the predictions, he discussed about   several aspects that may determine the condition of the coming year for India.

There are several aspects that determine how will the coming year be for India.


India may experience some extreme weather conditions ranging from a short spell of harsh cold in the northern part of the country and scorching heat waves during summers almost across the entire country. A short spell of heavy rains is expected in the south and the western part of India in the latter half of 2023, however, largely there would be less rainfall in 2023.

Major calamities

India needs to be aware of the calamities as major floods and cyclones are expected to hit the South and East parts of India in 2023.

Economic Outlook

The rupee may further devalue in 2023, gold prices may soar, Sensex levels may fluctuate in 2023, exports may take a hit, real estate demand may be sluggish, retail price inflation will fluctuate and GDP growth percentage may remain the same as in 2022.

Sectors Expected to Perform well in 2023

Some sectors that are expected to perform well in the coming year are FMCG, Insurance, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture and Textiles. These sectors might grow in the coming year and will  be contributing more to the country’s growth.

Sectors Slated to underperform in 2023

Some sectors may be seen underperforming in 2023 and they are the IT sector, Education, Export-oriented units, Consumer Durables and Continuous process industries. These sectors might face slow growth.

Job market

The job market looks sluggish with high attrition in IT, education and manufacturing sectors. Overall the employment opportunities may decrease  in the first half of 2023 and may pick up in the second half of 2023.

International relations

Another important factor for India in 2023 will be its  relationship with other countries, particularly its neighbors. India has long had fraught relations with Pakistan and China, and tensions with both countries have increased in recent years. It is possible that these tensions  could continue or even escalate in 2023, which could have significant consequences for the region. India may have to manage the difficult task of  engaging China in 2023.


One major factor that could impact India in 2023 is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While vaccines are now available and being distributed,  it is still being determined how effective they will be in controlling the spread   of the virus and how long it will take for the majority of the population to be vaccinated. The pandemic has had a significant impact on the economy, and India might experience another spell of COVID towards the end of first quarter of 2023.

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