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Makeup for the Movies
Makeup for the Movies

Makeup for the Movies

We had been wondering how the Makeup for the Movies is done in various conditions. A Journalist Reveals got in touch with Bharti Taneja, the Founder and Director of Alps Beauty Group to clarify about it. Excerpts from the interview:

Makeup for the Movies
Bharti Taneja

How do you apply makeup for the movies (only girls)?

When we talk about makeup for movies, it refers to makeup that is high-definition. Makeup for the camera is different from everyday makeup. The camera can catch even the minutest of flaws. So, skill and time both play a crucial role in makeup for the movies. It’s basically a thick makeup yet not heavy. We work in layers so that we can create chiseled features no matter what skin or face type we are working with. With the help of contouring, we can change or enhance the entire face. Nowadays, airbrush makeup is in vogue. Most importantly, movie makeup is always waterproof.

How do you apply makeup for indoor scenes? How do you apply makeup for outdoor scenes? Does makeup differ with the lighting?

As per the light, indoor and outdoor makeup differs. While shooting outdoors the makeup is done as per the sun. During indoor shoots, the lights set-up is kept in mind. Also, intense lights diffuse the colors so the makeup starts looking light or washed off. We usually do heavy makeup for indoor shoots.

Does makeup differ with the weather outside?

Yes, it does. The durability of the makeup is dependent on your shoot location and whether it’s indoor or outdoor, hot or cold climate. Most indoors have air conditioners, so you need fewer touch-ups as compared to outdoor locations, where the weather plays a crucial role.

How does it differ according to the real complexion?

It is the skin tone that matters the most. First, conceal the entire face with a good concealer. This covers all the blemishes and pigmentation through the color collection. Once you have set the base right, you can do any makeup you want to. And yes, we can make a person fairer than her actual skin tone with the help of products.


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