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Bindi is a Harbinger Of Good Fortune
Bindi is a Harbinger Of Good Fortune

Bindi is a Harbinger Of Good Fortune

Today, A Journalist Reveals has decided to explore the enigma called Bindi. Bindi is a harbinger of good fortune.

Bindi is a Harbinger Of Good Fortune:

Bindi is much more than just a beauty-aid. For an Indian woman, it becomes much more significant. It is a talisman of good fortune and soubhagya. It is an elusive dot on the forehead that can do wonders for a woman’s beauty. All talks and discourses on beauty are useless without a mention of the bindi. There is no apt translation for it in English. A symbol of good fortune and the satvic allure of women, it is a harbinger of good luck and an indispensable part of an Indian woman’s make-up kit.

It is also an integral part of Indian heritage and culture and there is a much deeper meaning behind the small cosmetic dot. There is a whole set of small-scale industry devoted to bindi-manufacture catering to the women of all generations and also gives employment to many women.

Etymology has it that the word bindi comes from Sanskrit word bindu, meaning “a drop, small particle, dot”. It is a forehead decoration worn in South Asia and Southeast Asia. It is a dot of red color applied in the center of the forehead in between the eyebrows. But, it can also consist of a sign or a piece of jewelry worn at this location.

Many poets and writers have waxed eloquent about the charm and beauty of the bindi. The famous Hindi poet, Bihari says, “a bindi enhances a woman’s beauty. It is exactly like putting a zero after any amount, it enhances its value ten times. The bindi on a woman’s forehead does the same.”

Traditionally, a married Hindu woman wears a bindi. The traditional bindi is made with red sindoor powder or a ointment. A bindi is a form of tilak, a religious Hindu sign worn on the forehead. Nowadays, bindis are also worn by unmarried women, children and non-Hindu women.

To be continued…

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