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The Beggar!

Today, I am sharing with you a real incident that happened to me called – The Beggar! My only purpose in sharing this post is awareness for girls.


The Beggar!

You must be under the impression that this is one of my short stories that I am sharing with you. Though it’s a story, it’s a real one.

It all started in September. By now most of my family and friends have come to know that my phone was hacked around September this year.

The repercussions of the hacking is being felt more recently when the hackers began calling people from my contact list, randomly and began creating misunderstandings between us.

They were already calling me time to time. Initially, I took the calls thinking that they maybe someone connected to my job as a journalist. The callers told me that I had taken loans from them and was supposed to return the money.

The Beggar!

Post the hacking of my phone, I had already hired a team of lawyers to advise me about the relevant proofs, I needed to collect against the hackers. One of the tactics that the lawyers taught me was forwarding my calls to them.

There was one caller, who was nicknames- Beggar – by the receivers of the spam calls from him. The man had been calling me, incessantly, since October 30, this year.

One day, I took his call with one of the male lawyers, I mean, we went on a conference call with him. When the man (Beggar) realized that it was me who had called, he began using the most choicest of words about me, without leaving even one cuss word out..

Though the advocate seemed to be stunned, I found the man’s choice of words amusing. He only exposed the kind of uncouth culture he is from and that culture must have been handed down from generation to generation.

When the lawyer tried to speak to the man in a bid to understand, what the man actually wanted, guess what – the man just disconnected the call! I haven’t received another call from him since then.

The thing is that I am not a child and I have a vast experience as a bold journalist behind me. I won’t get faltered from my chosen path because some ‘beggar’ has decided to abuse me. He has only increased his blood pressure. Nothing else. 😀

The Beggar didn’t even divulge his name. If he has so much guts to abuse an unknown girl, he could very well have shared his real name despite the lawyer asking him. I am sure this person’s number would have become out of service by now because he knows that mera kuch ukhad nahin sakta.

You might be wondering why I have written this post. My only intention in bringing this to my readers’ notice is awareness.


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