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Happy Shankaranti

Punjabi Makar Shankaranti

We at A Journalist Reveals always try to do some article or the other pertaining to festivals we celebrate. This time we asked a few questions to Hindu Punjabi housewife and social activist Mrs. Prem Bhatia regarding how they celebrated the upcoming Makar Shankaranti.

Mrs. Prem Bhatia
Mrs. Prem Bhatia

The following was what she had to say:
What is the significance of Makar Shankaranti to your community?
Makar Sakranti is a beginning of New Year and symbol of spreading positivity for us. Also Makar Sankrant is regarded as an auspicious day for donation (Daan puran) and gifting to daughters.

How do you celebrate the festival?
In the morning we all take a bath by adding Gangajal to water. Post that, we perform puja at home with sweets made of sesame seeds and Gur (jaggery) and khichdi. Then we put some sesame seeds on a radish and burn it in fire. It is said that this ritual burns all negative energies and brings prosperity. Next we donate rice, pulses, sesame seeds, money to the needy and also fly kites. There are various kite flying competitions that are organized on this auspicious day.

What special dishes are made during this festival in your home?
On this occasion, khichdi and gur-til laddoo/barfis are a must. Rest of the dishes we make on demand by the family.

Happy Shankaranti
Happy Shankaranti

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