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Memories of a Little Girl Called Dolly (III)

I loved the way Dolly called her brother as, “Bheiya” (sic). I told her one day to call me, “Bheiya” and she complied. But immediately she asked, “Now shall I call you Dolly?” Her world was restricted within the circle of her brother and her only!


She would go to Dad only for chocolates. The moment he would appear in front of her, she would immediately ask him, “Appa uncle, chocolate.” She liked a ride on his arms to the shop. She won’t walk. She would say, “Godi, godi.” Meaning “Pick me up.”

One day, we had given her a large piece of chocolate and she tried to gulp it down whole saying, “Bhaiya, aa jayega!” Meaning, “My brother will come and ask for the chocolate. I don’t want to give it to him.” The chocolate almost choked her and immediately Mom removed it from her mouth. We need to be very careful when little innocent children are around.

My sister and I would wear designer clothes only stitched by Mom. One day, Dolly took Mom’s inch tape to measure her brother’s back and said, “Do inch. Likh lo Mummy aunty.” Meaning, “2 inches. Write it down, Mummy aunty.”

Once Dolly came home and said, “I am going to Nani (maternal grandmother) house today. I will come back soon. Don’t cry.” She actually caressed her cheeks and kissed her forehead. Then while going she looked back again and again at Mom. This was the way her paternal grandmother would leave her while going out. Then when she returned she asked, “Aapne meko mich kiya?” Meaning, “Did you miss me?” Mom picked her up and said, “I can’t live without you.” Satisfied, she went back to her home. Mom allowed this that is why the little girl was very affectionate. Others would not allow this kind of behavior.

She would say proudly that she has 3 homes, one was her parents’ home, second was her Nani house and the third was Mummy Aunty’s home.

To be continued…


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