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House-keeping Tips

1. Phenyl and other house-cleaning chemicals can cause allergy in some people. Alternately, some neem leaves can be boiled in water, diluted in a bucket of water and some rock salt added to it. If this liquid is used for cleaning the house, it cleans well and is also effective against pests. If you are not allergic to camphor, that can also be added to the liquid for cleaning. 2-3 times mopping with this liquid is as effective as cleaning with the chemical cleaners.
2. Rock salt mixed with powdered limestone can be sprinkled in the corners of the house and the places where the wall meets the floor. 9 inch garlic pieces can also be places to ward off pests. But care should be taken that small children are kept away from these places.
3. To get rid of flying pests, dried neem leaves, rice, turmeric, 2-3 cloves, a small piece of cinnamon bark, ¼ spoon ghee (clarified butter) and some ajwain (carom seeds) can be burnt with 1-2 pieces of camphor in the morning and in the evening. Optionally, dried curry leaves, dried mango leaves and dried banyan leaves can also be mixed with the above.


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