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Beauty Tips

  1. Mix handfuls of mint and neem in 1 litre water. Heat till only ½ a litre remains. Let it cool down. Add edible camphor powder. Mix and pour it into a bottle. Wash your face with this natural face wash in the morning immediately after brushing your teeth to feel fresh.
  2. How many times home makers and some working women have encountered fungus in between toes, particularly those working in water? Want to get rid of it? Clean and dry your feet. Then apply some kerosene to the affected areas before going to bed at night. Healing only takes 2-3 days.
  3. When we buy orange and sweet lime, we tend to waste the rind. We can use the peels to enhance our beauty. Here is how: the outer layer of these fruits can be dried and powdered to be kept aside. First using virgin olive or coconut oil to massage our face. Add gram flour (besan) to the rind powder we made earlier. Mix rose water into this mixture to make a semi-solid paste. Use this as a scrub on your face. Acne, pimples and blemishes will disappear with regular use.

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