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Bhuj Earthquake Relief

Natural Calamities

Recently, floods struck Bihar and Gujarat. During such calamities, initially, people go out of the way to help the calamity-struck people. After a few days, the public interest dwindles. But, the calamity-struck people have to wait for several years to recover completely. In such times, some NGO-affiliated people go to help on humanity basis.


Mom, being a very good social worker, would go to help these people often. But, due to Mom’s ill-health, we have not given our contact details to these NGO people after coming to this place. But, some people somehow contacted Mom recently for help in Gujarat.

However, Dad is so angry with Our Lady of Intolerance that he did not allow Mom to go to help them. Mom had collected a lot of discarded clothes only for these times. Dad categorically told us not to help the calamity-stricken people. He actually fought with Mom for one hour regarding this issue.

Mom kept saying, “If one family is bad, we should not consider the others to be the same way.” But, the entire logic fell on deaf ears. Dad told Mom to throw all the discarded clothes into a dumper van and not give it to the calamity-stricken people in Gujarat. Mom felt bad. However, she had to comply with his wishes because he is her husband.

Bhuj Earthquake Relief
Bhuj Earthquake Relief

Similarly, in 2001, Bhuj had experienced a severe earthquake. There was widespread disaster. Forget middle and lower class people, rich people were also affected. They had lost everything and had stood on the streets. The members of a recreational club told my Mom that people’s interest has shifted to other things. But, the calamity-stricken people were still suffering.

Mom collected clothes, money, anything and everything people could donate from the colony people. Children from 5 days to 5 years were seen naked in the area. Everybody else’s clothes were dirty. There was no change of clothes. It was the ladies, who suffered the most. Thus, Mom sent them even torn clothes.

Mom made quilts and pillows for small children with plastic bags. She also collected newspaper to make beds for bigger children. She also sent cold drinks bottle to collect water since they had lost even vessels in the disaster. She made cups and ladles out of the hard portion of brown coconuts. Much more than this was done by her.

After this learning experience, she began to save all the materials mentioned above and brought to our current home. Dad is not allowing us to save it for calamity days. Our Lady of Intolerance has entered our home in our absence and has seen all these stuff. She has also shown these as an exhibition to other people as well. They call this raddi, kabad, etc.

The moment we shifted to this house, Mom fractured her knee thanks to the black magic performed by Our Lady of Intolerance. This was confirmed by Tarot Card Readers and fortune tellers. Thus, Mom could not use those things creatively. Her health deteriorated. We could not even store them properly. This stuff is in the same position as it was when we had shifted. Only I can do something about it. But, due to my hectic schedule and my parents’ ill health, I have not been able to anything about them.

There are no kids at home. So, there is no problem for us. But, this has become a big issue for Our Lady of Intolerance. Dad did not want us to send the stuff to the calamity-stricken people in Gujarat and is telling us to throw the stuff away as trash. Dad’s soul has suffered in one way. Mom is hurt in a different way. All this sin will be incurred by Our Lady of Intolerance.


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