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Noise is Good
Noise is Good

Noise is Good – Part 6

Today, we are posting the sixth part of the 8-part murder mystery – Noise is Good. You can refer to the fifth part here.

Part 6

Nitya snapped her fingers, “Just check if any of your jewelry is missing?”

Pooja went to her room and opened her wardrobe to reveal that one pair of earrings had indeed disappeared with some other gold-plated artificial jewelry. She looked all over the wardrobe, but couldn’t find them.

“Nitya, one pair of gold earrings and others are missing.”

“Are these the gold ones?” their lawyer pulled out her mobile and showed them the pictures of Vageshwari’s dead body wearing… wearing similar earrings.

“These look like them!” Pooja exclaimed.

“I thought so. I have seen you wearing them. They are very unique and fit your style. Do you have the receipt for these with you? Are these hallmarked?”

“Yes, of course. I buy only hall-marked jewelry and from the same shop.” Pooja produced the receipt for the earrings. She also brought out a picture of her wearing those earrings. “But, how are these going to help us?”

“Just wait and see,” Nitya chalked out a plan.

To be continued…

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Controversy is the second name of Yashaswini. She goes where something is amiss and picks up the threads to make a clear story out of it. She has also written 2 books in the Radha Srinivasan Mystery Series.

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