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Parents can Change Bad Influence to a Good one

How a 10th std. Student shocked me!

This incident happened when I had just joined a school in Kandivali, Mumbai. It was the beginning of the academic year and the 10th std. students just had their prelims exams. The principal requested all the new teachers to help with the correction of the papers and we chipped in. I was given the English papers from one class, where I was not given any subject to teach.

Teachers have the Responsibility of Many Students
Teachers have the Responsibility of Many Students

I began correcting the papers given to me at home. Everything was fine until I came to this boy’s paper. He was supposed to write an essay. But the essay that he had written was not connected to the topic given and gave the shock of my life to me so that I still remember it and will never ever forget it.
He had written how he had raped a girl! He had actually given details of the entire process and even how the girl shouted for help.
I took the paper to the principal the next day. After that all I know is that she planned to speak to him about it. But beyond that I don’t know what happened. Perhaps, because I was a new teacher, the principal decided not to involve me in it because that would hurt the prestigious school’s reputation.

Parents can Change Bad Influence to a Good one
Parents can Change Bad Influence to a Good one

Whatever happened I know I did the right thing at that time. However, the question remains, where does a 14-15 year old boy get to know about these things? Movies and the peer group are definite sources. That is undeniable. But definitely these influences can be modified in a good way. The onus lies on the parents how they will mould the future generation. It also depends on parent-teacher co-ordination. Teachers have the responsibility of many students and can influence the children only to a certain extent. But parents need to remember that the seeds they sow today will grow into a tree tomorrow.

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