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Is Naaz Joshi creating history yet another time?

Let’s have a look at this news snippet for today- Naaz Joshi creating history yet another time? The transwoman model is in the process of creating history, by playing cis woman in new projects.


Is Naaz Joshi creating history yet another time?

We have often seen men and women playing main transgender characters, whether it was movies like Shabnam Mausi, Tamanna and more recently  Vaani Kapoor was seen playing a transgender in Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui. But we haven’t seen a transgender, themselves, playing the character of cisgender woman ever. It’s time to create history. Bollywood Director-Actor Vipin K Sethie is all set to launch a transgender super model in his next project, Revenge.

Naaz Joshi, India’s first international trans beauty queen, will be playing the main lead in the movie. For the first time ever in Indian movie history, we shall witness this event in Bollywood. Transsexual women will no longer be subjected to laughter and the movie shall set an example that transwomen have the capacity to carry the movie alone on their shoulders.

Director-Actor Vipin K Sethie spotted Naaz Joshi in one of the leading newspapers of the country and decided to cast her for the film. She will now undergo acting workshop, dance classes and martial art training. She says that she is taking this challenge not just for herself but also for her trans sisters. The change has begun with Vipin K Sethie’s efforts.

Vipin K Sethie has released a Bollywood movie called Atithi Kab Aoge Shhamshan (2020), running successfully on an OTT Platform and his second project, Final Justice, is ready for release. And now we can expect movies from Delhi to bring in a revolution in the Hindi cinema. The pain behind a transwoman to look like a cis gender woman can be well explained only by a transwoman. The film is a bold and suspense-horror movie.

Naaz Joshi says that her character in the movie is of Sameera, a cis woman who is newly married to the love of her life. The rest of what happens is what you shall see in the movie. With this film,  the makers wish to share a message with the other directors, who take cis people to do the trans roles – that if the given transwomen the right grooming and workshop, they can even leave cis actors behind.

The problem is that makers don’t cast transwoman is that intimate scenes can discomfort the male counterparts. It’s time to turn the tables on this attitude and accept this first ever change in Bollywood. Apart from this, Naaz is also working on her home production Draupadi, which is going to be a black and white series on a transsexual prostitute – a 15 minutes movie is going to be realistic with the presence of real LGBT community actors.

Naaz Joshi is also working on her debut music video, Kate nahi katate, a song she produced in 2018. But she was unable to complete the video of the song as she never found the right main lead, all the male models refusing to do intimate scenes on screen with her. Finally, she has decided to do this video alone and the main lead actor will be a shadow. And she will be romancing a shadow. This is her tribute for late actor Sreedevi, whom she has been a big fan of, all her lifetime.

When people refuse you, you need to produce things yourself, Naaz Joshi believes in this and is ready to make people believe in her talent once again.

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