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Dolly Getting Angry that her Mummy Aunty's Purse is not Opening!

Memories of a Little Girl Called Dolly! (XI)

The Brahmin lady brought food at 1.30 PM. My sister and I slept well. But my Mom had to attend to phone calls and door bells. She just relaxed and decided to sleep at night only.

Dolly Eating Prasad from Thirupati
Dolly Eating Prasad from Thirupati

At 2.00 PM Salma came and said with tears in her eyes, “The doctors say that it is very difficult to save my grandfather. Even though they say that it is a municipal hospital, we have been pouring money like water.”

Mom soothed her saying, “God will do only well. Whatever is the result, we have to accept it. You have to take care of your mother and grandmother, so you have to be strong.”

Immediately, she hugged my mother and began to cry on her shoulders. Mom said, “Shed all the tears on my shoulder. Wash your face here and then go home smiling.”

While Salma was at home, Dolly entered our home like a cat. Having seen Salma hugging my Mom, Dolly hugged Mom’s legs. Salma knew what kind of a child, Dolly was. She immediately washed her face and went home.

Dolly told Mom, “Meko chota bhook laga hai (I have a small hunger.)”

Dolly Taking Her Mummy Aunty's Photo
Dolly Taking Her Mummy Aunty’s Photo

Immediately, Mom kept one plate on her favourite stool. North Indians offer chana, kurmura, seng dana, etc. to Thirupati Balaji and distribute the mixture to all devotees over there. When puliogare, sheera, dahi chawal and laddoo are distributed there, there is no value for the above mixture with us. We would have a little and would not know what to do with the rest. Mom collected the remaining amount in a plastic packet for our building children.

Mom placed some of the above mixture with the powder of laddoo on the plate in front of Dolly and said, “Eat this for your choti bhook.”

Mom did not allow the girl to have anything on her own after the chocolate incident when she had almost choked. Mom held her spoon carefully so that she could eat properly. Mom gave her lukewarm water after she had the above. This was a norm with her. The moment she drank the water, she told her Mummy Aunty in her ears, “Meko potty aaya. Gappe jake karke aati hoon. Kahin jana nahin. (I want to poop. I will go home and come back soon. Don’t go anywhere.)”

After she left the Brahmin lady made onion bhajia for us and coffee. It was very soothing for our tiredness.

Dolly's Mummy Aunty and Her Pet Monkey Doll
Dolly’s Mummy Aunty and Her Pet Monkey Doll

Dolly returned after taking a bath and changing her dress late in the evening. I had kept my camera on the bed because I had some work with it. The moment this girl entered our home, she immediately picked up the camera. The Brahmin lady had spread the vegetables and cereals on the floor to be cleaned and chopped. Mom took 2 chairs with Dolly and her pet monkey doll to the balcony. Immediately she began to take a picture of her Mummy Aunty. She did not know how to do it. Therefore, I helped her to take Mummy Aunty’s snap with the monkey doll.

More to come…

To be continued…


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