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Chote Mian Subhanallah!

Famous more as Gangubai from her act of the same name in one of the comedy reality shows, Saloni Daini studies in 5th std. Her claim to fame is being not only the youngest stand-up comedian, but also having acted in comedy flicks like No Problem in 2010. Having taken a sabbatical from making people laugh, she is planning to return full-fledgedly to the Reality Shows, after her sister completes her 10th std.
Being associated with such comedy shows like Chote Miyan Bade Miyan and Comedy Circus ka Mahasangram, Saloni has been trained by the writers and groomers of the shows she has participated in. She also informs us that she was helped by her onscreen partner Rajiv Thakur.
She is famous as Gangubai, the typically hilarious Maharashtrian woman character she played in one of the comedy serials. She also recalls having received a lot of applause and praises from the judges for an act about the TV camera. She says, “It was about the performances of actors like from the time of Raj Kapoor to today’s actors. I had performed different characters played by the actors, while Rajiv became the camera. He had taught me how to perform every character.”
Many people are fascinated by the onscreen antics of this little girl. They are surprised that she was such a bundle of talent at such a small age. With the generation next intentionally giving at least some footage to female comedy artists, she has a lot of scope to make it big in her chosen field. Often it has been seen that such talented children disappear into oblivion once they grow up. It is hoped that this would not be so in Saloni’s case. Till then it is a wait and watch for us.


This article was published in Eve’s Times and has been reproduced here with the permission of the editor, Swati Amar.


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