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After the Girl’s Suicide
After the Girl’s Suicide, her husband washed his hands of his father.

Reply to Blaming the Victim (Part VI – After the Girl’s Suicide)

We had posted the fourth part of this article – 4 days ago. We received several queries about the second incident in the post where the girl is raped by her FIL. They wanted to know what happened after the girl’s suicide. Vidhya Aunty reveals:


After the Girl’s Suicide

By Vidhyalakshmi Rao

The girl’s husband and FIL came to India and completed her funeral and went back abroad. When the girl’s parents received her letter, they remembered the way the FIL had given a final farewell to their daughter and were immediately convinced that there was something amiss. FIL had given the girl’s body a flying kiss before her funeral.

Initially, the FIL would take all the calls and would give some excuse for the non-presence of his son. That confirmed the parents’ suspicions. However, one day after several attempts, they could get in touch with their SIL and immediately informed him about the letter. Their SIL rushed to India on a leave without pay. He read his deceased wife’s letter and realized that all she had written was true. The SIL had married her willingly and was sad about the way he had lost her.

He went back to the country he was working in and brought his father to India. Then, he left his father in an unpaid old age home, completely washing his hands off the older man, by calling him a mad stranger, who thought he is his dead son. He also told his parents-in-law not to contact the old man or respond to his calls. Finally, the SIL said, “You have lost your only child. Now, I am your son and will be there for you. Call me anytime.”

Karma catches up with you.


Pic only for representative purpose.

To be continued…

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