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Do all Criminals have Chemical Locha?

We, at A Journalist Reveals, have always wondered – how do criminal brains function? We found Anuja Kapur, Criminal Psychologist and asked her to shed some light on the issue. She had the following to say, “Masses who usually end up culpable for criminal offenses more frequently show behavioral differences as ...

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Woman’s Day

Importance of Girl-Child

On the International Woman’s Day, I would like to talk about people without a male child. Even in the 21st century, people talk about the requirement of the male child. The reason they say is for the parents’ last rites. But today, even women perform these essential requirements in everybody’s ...

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Household Hacks

1. Canvas shoes get faded in time. If they are cleaned with a good detergent, dried and then decorated with fabric paint and 3D outliners, these shoes can be used as party wear. 2. Tool boxes, iron nail boxes, etc. get rusted soon. To avoid that chalk pieces or charcoal ...

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From this month, till April end it is good if we have Neem. Astrologically, it represents the planet Mars. 1. Neem leaves with Mango leave can be made into a toran and tied to the main door of the house or office. 2. Decoction made out of Neem leaves can ...

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Pests like ants and small insects appear any time. During monsoons, there are more of these. Soak tobacco in water for 12 hours overnight and pour this water in places where these pests appear. The process has to be repeated every 10 days. This way, we will be able to ...

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Perfect Guidelines to Designing your Child’s Bedroom

By Sonam Gupta Decorating a child’s room is exciting but it requires a lot of patience, understanding of your child’s requirements and a thorough knowledge of the current as well as standard kids’ room decor trends. Slightest misjudgement or negligence can profoundly cost you or your child or create interruptions ...

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House Keeping

During monsoon, ants infest anywhere and everywhere in homes. Keep tobacco in water for some time and pour the water in such places to get rid of the ants. Hindus consider small black ants sacred and believe that Lord Ganapathy wants some naivedyam. They would avoid tobacco water. So on ...

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Survey on Marriage (II)

A Journalist Reveals had spoken to some young people regarding their opinion about marriage. This is the second part of the survey. In this part, we wanted to know what kind of person these young people wanted to marry and what qualities they expect in their would be spouses. Shree ...

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Survey on Marriage

There is always a stage in most of our lives, when we decide to get wedded. Many look at the physical beauty of the spouse. Many are interested in the marriage of minds. We contacted some young people for their opinion about marriage. Marriage in India is essentially a wedding ...

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