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Swati Kapur

RJ Swati Shifts to Radio City

A Journalist Reveals had interviewed RJ Swati Kapur a few months ago. We recently got to know that she has shifted to Radio City, Kota. We thought a couple of questions about her new job won’t hurt. Here is what she had to say:

What is the name of your new show?

I host morning show 7 se 11. It sounds like Radio City par Swati 7 se 11.

Swati Kapur
Swati Kapur

How did you get that job?

Well! I am industry since 2009. People know me and social networking sites made easy to connect with people too. You would be surprised to know I received text from the HR on Facebook. Hence always read your Facebook messages.

Are you planning to take on any other projects?

I just changed my job in December. It’s too early right now.

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