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Gaurav Kothari

From 6-5=2 to 1982-A Marriage Story Gaurav Kothari’s Journey

Gaurav Kothari was one of the leads in the horror film called 6-5= 2, which was based on true events. Being X- Mex’s brand ambassador, Gaurav has also done commercials in past with Akshay Kumar. His immediate releases include the comedy 1982- A Marriage Story where he plays a negative character for the first time in his career. He was last seen as a comical gay character in MTV’s highest TRP gaining show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan.
Where were you born? Tell us about your childhood in brief.
I was born in Rajasthan in Rohida District, Sirohi. Since childhood I always wanted to be an actor. I had that knack of acting since birth. When I was 8 years old, I got an offer to do a small role in the famous serial called Dekh Bhai Dekh but since I came from a non-filmy background my father refused to allow me to do it. He was also busy with his business and wanted me to concentrate on my studies first.
Full educational qualifications.
Studies had always been my priority and that was very essential. Despite my dream of becoming an actor, I first completed my entire education. I have done First Year in B.Com.
Your training in acting.
Well, as I said I had a knack of acting since childhood. All the drama and nautanki was filled in me and that’s what an actor needs. Also, I have some talent of imitating birds, animals and musical instruments that fascinated everyone. I became quite popular in my college. I never underwent any sort of training in acting. I feel one should believe in themselves and give their 100 percent in whatever we do. That is the best thing to do,
What did your parents say when you decided that you would take up acting as profession, given the unreliability of the profession?
My parents have always been very supportive and touch-wood I consider myself lucky because of that. My father made one thing clear that whatever my choice of career would be, he would support me provided I completed my education. My parents knew about my talent and they gave me a chance to prove myself.
Tell us about your first movie. How did you get the role?
My first film was 6-5=2, which was a horror film and the remake of a Kannada blockbuster. I bagged the role purely on the basis of my talent. I gave the audition and the next thing I got to know was that I got selected and was doing the film.

A Still from XMEX Ad.
A Still from XMEX Ad.

Tell us more about your latest project – 1982- A Marriage Story.
Well, this story is based on love marriage and arranged marriage. To find out which of the two marriages is successful one should watch this film. This is for the first time I am playing a grey shade and a villain’s role. I am playing the elder brother of the heroine and have an attitude that I never fail to show. I have always done comedy roles so it was pretty challenging for me and it took three months of hard-work to get into the whole zone of the role and grow my beard to turn into a baddie.
Would you like to mention about any other current or future projects?
I have been auditioning and have been hearing some scripts. As of now my films which are set to release are XXX which is being produced by Balaji and directed by Ken Ghosh and 3rd November is a suspense story.
What do you do when not facing the camera?
I just love the camera and honestly I barely get any time off camera. I am an outgoing extrovert I like masti and dhamaal. I have started my own YouTube channel by the name Hula-Hul TV, where in my free time I take a topic and interact with people and have fun and make funny videos.
What do you see 10 years down the line?
Honestly, in 10 years I cannot predict the future but what I can say and stay assured about is that I will continue working hard and keep up the good work and let the success come its way.


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