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The Spider’s Web (Part VII)

That evening, Kartik was lucky enough to find a whole white napkin and a tube of foundation covered with Rita’s finger-prints. What had happened was under Kartik’s instructions, Radha had intentionally spilled the foundation from the tube on her dressing table. Having a helpful nature, Rita immediately rushed forward to ...

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The Spider’s Web (Part VI)

When the brother-sister team reached the Singh’s flat, Rita and her parents were packing to leave for Delhi. She was supposed to stay back until the entire investigation of the case was over. “Rita, this is bad,” Radha said ruefully. “My dance performance is coming up tomorrow and you are ...

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The Spider’s Web (Part V)

“What happened to Roma?” Kartik asked. “She died of burn wounds from a gas leak.” “Didn’t Fateh Singh also die of burn wounds from a gas leak?” “Yes,” Mrs. Kaul said, tears welling in her eyes. “Is there some connection between your sister’s and your husband’s death?” Kartik demanded, looking ...

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The Spider’s Web (Part IV)

When Rita could speak, she said that she did not know anything about the pills. Though the officer would not believe it and registered it as an accident. To be on the safer side, Rita’s parents agreed to appoint Kartik as her attorney. It took a couple of weeks for ...

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The Spider’s Web (Part III)

That evening, Radha was returning from her dance practice when she saw a couple of hospital attendants leaving her building with Rita on a stretcher. Radha ran to her unconscious friend’s prone figure. Valli came running out to greet her sister-in-law. “She attempted suicide by swallowing tranquilizers,” Valli looked worried. ...

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The Spider’s Web (Part II)

“What do you mean?” Radha asked her brother Kartik. “I mean that the entire Singh family died under mysterious circumstances. If the possibility of accidental death is eliminated and it must be eliminated because of too many co-incidences, the killer should be someone very close to them. There is only ...

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The Spider’s Web

Rita sat looking at her husband’s face. Fateh Singh’s body lay bedecked with flowers on the floor in front of her. There was no sign of tears in her eyes. She seemed to be in a state of shock. Her mother who was sitting near her could not control her ...

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Supari Akka

Poornima Sharma’s family got transferred from Amritsar to Mumbai. She was with her 22 month old son Harsh and husband Shravan. Theirs was a love marriage, Poornima being a Tamilian and Shravan a Punjabi. They had come to Mumbai with the minimal essentials and had tried to settle in the ...

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