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An Astrological Case-Study
An Astrological Case-Study

Astrological Case-Study no. 2

Mitushi Palkar is back again with another case-study. This time she talks about another client, who is the mother of a boy. Her client approached Mitushi when her son was just 9 months old. Let us see what happened then.


What was the problem?

Last year around this time a mom approached me regarding her 9-month-old baby. He was admitted in the NICU and was on the ventilator for the previous 12 days. He was having breathing issues, his oxygen levels were dropped and there were some genetic problems, too. (I am not disclosing his exact medical conditions for fear of exposing the anonymity) Doctors had performed certain tests that were going to decide whether he would have a long life or not. The test results were to be expected in 2 weeks time. So you can understand how anxious the parents were during that time.

What did you see in his charts?

When I analyzed his charts I saw that, yes there are health issues associated with him which he would have to deal with for a long period of time. This could cause developmental delays in him.  I also checked astrologically for his longevity as that was another major concern of the parents. I told his mother that he is going to have a good long life. They did not have to be worried about that issue.

What remedies did you suggest?

I suggested some Mantras for them to chant. Since the baby was in the hospital, I wanted to give them such remedies that wouldn’t take much of their time and they could stay with the baby all through the turbulent days. I told the mother to sit near the baby and chant those mantras loudly so that baby could hear them. Other than this, I told them to perform a Pooja at home whenever they find the time.

Did they follow your instructions?

Absolutely! They are still following my remedies. We are still in touch. Initially, when they started performing what remedies, I had told them, they had seen good results. So they have faith in me and they are following my instructions, religiously. The baby’s mother had once called me and informed me that they had performed the Pooja at their home which I had suggested them.

How did they progress as a result?

The baby is dealing with some major health issues, which can’t be cured in days or months time. It will take some years to overcome those issues but certainly, these remedies are working for him. In one of the above questions, I mentioned some tests done for the baby’s longevity. Those results came as predicted by me that he would have a long life. I’m in touch with the baby’s mother. She’s following my remedies from the past one year and that shows that she has been getting positive results and she has developed faith in me. It’s a slow process but one day I’m sure the baby will be healthy again.

Astrologer Mitushi Palkar
Astrologer Mitushi Palkar

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