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Avoid Judging Others from Your Own Experiences
Avoid Judging Others from Your Own Experiences

Avoid Judging Others from Your Own Experiences

Here’s a post – Avoid Judging Others from Your Own Experiences. People have a tendency to judge others, comparing the others’ experiences with theirs. Everyone is unique. That is something that needs to be accepted by everyone.

Fish out of Water

Recently, a video got viral. Every day, some video gets viral. What’s special about this one, you may ask. This video had a very innocent and concerned little boy pulling out a fish, which was large for his size, out of water and patting it, caringly. Older people know what will happen to the fish. It will die. But a child doesn’t know.

A few days back, a meme was posted by someone on instagram that he had stopped a fish from committing suicide. The fish began to dance in joy for some time. Then, it stopped and fell asleep, as it was tired, according to him. He also said, he didn’t know when it would get up! Everyone, I guess, knows what happened.

Avoid Judging Others from Your Own Experiences

Everybody has their own experiences. But all do not have the same experiences and situations. Fishes have to live inside water because they have been made that way. Considering fishes to be similar to us would be detrimental to their lives.

Similarly, each human being is different from the other and goes through unique experiences and situations. Judging others on the basis of our own experiences can have a permanently damaging effect on the other person’s psyche. Imagine, someone judges you on the basis of what happened to them, what would you do?

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