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Coronavirus - A Poem

Coronavirus – A Poem

By a female shrimp vendor in Wuhan was it unleashed.

A miniscule microorganism has havoc, wrecked.

The entire world has been affected.

Since the coronavirus has spread.

All need to come together, foe or friend.

To fight this evil, deep-rooted.

It is the need of the hour

For us to behave like responsible humans.

The need of the hour is to be united.

For a bigger challenge will begin next.

An Appeal about Coronavirus Pandemic

Humans evolved from primates several centuries ago. They lived in groups in caves and were barbarians. Their uncivilized behavior continued in the age of recorded History until even the 20th century. Awareness about human rights increased and every country began respecting the other. But, at the individual level, this respect is often absent. Despite regular instructions over the TV and radio, there are several people flouting the lockdown rules in India and elsewhere.

The biggest example is the congregation of a religious community that met in Delhi. I can give another example, which I saw myself. A woman going out to get some supplies did not wear a mask and was spitting on the road near our place. Vegetables are also sold near buildings in places dirtied by dog excreta by irresponsible owners.

It is our duty to follow the instructions of our PM. In this sense, even Pakistan should follow that World Health Organisation (WHO) says. Why do people not follow instructions? Perhaps, they think they are immune to the virus. But, they form carriers of the microorganism and transmit it to the others. This needs to stop. Otherwise, all human beings will be destroyed in the aftermath.

Picture courtesy

Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

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