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Guidance Readings – May 2022 (Part IV)

Today, we share the Guidance Readings – May 2022 (Part IV), by our resident Fortune Card Reader, Sundaravalli. This is the fourth and the last part of the post.


Guidance Readings – May 2022 (Part IV)


Life and your situations are your choice. It is you, who has to decide, take the right way. The cards predict a refreshing start and the end of the past pains. It’s time for big changes and planning your strategies for your future. You need to accept these changes, which could be connected to your location, because they bring good tidings. Voyages will be fruitful.


You may happily welcome a new guest, who could be a newborn. Contentment is valued only post a phase of ache and frustration. Meditation and breathing deeply during crucial moments will help in decision-making, focusing and developing your senses.


Aquarians need to focus on their goals and strive to manifest them. You might aggressively chase targets and will perform amid challenges. Your life might feel like it is moving rapidly and you may also feel satisfied and complete as the aggressive fire cools down.


Receive Divine guidance and follow it diligently for increasing your creativity. Beware of deceitful people and theft of material stuff or ideas. Show compassion and patience with your near and dear ones.


The others need to trust you. Pisceans should incorporate love in their world. The Almighty is in the process of manifesting your desires. Praying with  good intentions will elevate good Karma. Being true to yourself and forgiving yourself will release your tension and stress.


Leave your worries to the Almighty. Expect a special person’s entry in your life leading, perhaps, to a lifetime of commitment. But avoid giving in to your emotions.

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