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The Stalker (Part III)

When Radha reached the police station, Keshav told her about the man, who had been stalking her. The man was a middle-aged divorcee and has become a psycho due to the breakup of his marriage. Keshav added, “Do you know, why he chose you over Asha? He said that you ...

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The Stalker (Part II)

Keshav came with her to their home, that evening and settled on the sofa in the hall and began glancing through a magazine. “Do you plan to do something about my problem or just laze around here?” Radha asked, curtly. “I have placed your landline as well as cellphones on ...

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The Stalker

Radha Srinivasan got down from the rickshaw, hesitantly. The gates beckoned to her with affection. She had always felt welcome at this place. Senior Inspector Keshav Pradhan looked up from his desk as she entered his office. His eyes were soft and warm, but for a moment only, and the ...

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