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Mohammad Rafi

A Tribute to late Mohammad Rafi

It is my favouritest singer Mohammad Rafi Sahab’s birthday today. And it is the right time that I am reminded of his song Mere desh premiyon aapas mein prem karo… because it is not only the Christmas Eve today, but also the month of Rajjab going on and also Poornima an auspicious time for Hindus.
The individuality of Rafi Sahib was in the fact that he would sing his songs according to the actors the songs were to be picturized on. So, be it Shammi Kapoor’s O hasina jhulfonwali… or Dev Sahib’s Main zindagi ka sath nibhata chala gaya… or Shashi Kapoor’s Nisultanare… or Johny Walker’s Sar jo tera chakraye, ya dil doodba jaye, aaja pyare paas hamare kahe ghabaraye… all the songs fit the actors to a T.
The craze for this great artist runs in our family, beginning from my maternal grandfather and my Mom to me. Unfortunately I was not born during his time, otherwise I would have made it a point to meet him, take his autograph and a picture with him.
What makes me crazy about the person is that he, being a great Muslim, sang Bhajans also with élan. This should send a message to some quarters that whatever religion we profess, should be within the four walls of our home and outside we are Indians and human beings, nothing less. I have spoken my mind, Chahe koi mujhe jangle kahe. Kehnedoji kehta rahe. Hum Hindusthan mein paida huye hain. Hum kya karen… 😉

Mohammad Rafi
Mohammad Rafi

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