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Gitanjali Sinha

Award-Winning Director Gitanjali Sinha

Gitanjali Sinha was 28, when she directed her debut film Yeh Khula Aasman (The Open Sky). This film is the first of its kind to win the Best Foreign Feature film in All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival. It has also been appreciated with an award at the Kids First! Film and Video Festival, USA and nominated in the International category at the International Film Festival – South Africa, International Youth Film Festival, International Film Festival – Ireland and Heart of England International Film Festival and with a standing ovation at the Haryana International Film Festival.


The main reason for these accolades is the subject of her film. In the veteran film director and writer Kundan Shah’s own words, “I liked the director Gitanjali Sinha film because she has made an entertaining film with a grand combination of mature emotions and sports while depicting the current scenario of the Indian youth with their families.”

Her versatility is amazing. She is a university topper, trained filmmaker (from the New York Film Academy, St. Martin’s College of Arts, London), gifted writer, sensitive poet, an orator, an award-winning singer and also a dedicated wife and mother.

Her passion has always been directed toward writing, producing and directing sensitive movies with the strong element of pathos.
Originally from Patna, Gitanjali was always attracted to the performing arts. At 14, she began her course in Television Production, with the permission of the instructors at the Notre Dame Communication Centre, Patna. Post that she took a course in Radio Broadcasting and Photography, before earning an honours degree in Communicative English with Media Studies from Patna University.

It was after a short, but eventful career in television and radio that she directed Yeh Khula Aasmaan.

As far as her future projects are concerned, this is the maximum, I could get her to say, “As of now, I am working on two concepts, one is a period film for the International Market and the other one is a romantic comedy. I am sorry for I won’t be able to say more than this as the work is still in the initial stages. Once we finalize the actors then I will be able to provide you with more details.”

Gitanjali Sinha
Gitanjali Sinha

This article was first printed in Eve’s Times and has been reproduced here with the permission of the Editor, Swati Amar.


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