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A Poem

The Rainy Day

This is another of my daughter’s poems, which she wrote as a child. The Rainy Day By Gayatri T Rao Once in a while, I get this chance; To step into the rain and happily dance. Raindrops fall, quick and fast. Will this situation ever last? The sultry summer has ...

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The Scam in Junior College (Part XI)

The principal told the boy to go back to his class and told the supervisor, David and Radha to sit in front of him. Mr. Bhattacharya said, “I know that what has happened is wrong but you should not stop teaching.” “Then, you won’t even bother to find out which ...

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The Scam in Junior College (Part X)

The next day when she entered a XIth Commerce class, a disgusting sight greeted her. Written on the board was, “David loves Radha.” Revulsion consumed her and she left the class in a huff to the staff room. There she informed the staff supervisor about what she had seen. Manpreet’s ...

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The Scam in Junior College (Part IX)

After a few days fed up of the noise in some of the classes, while she taught the students, Radha spoke to the principal. She asked, “Is there a counselor in the college? I need to talk to her.” “Regarding what?” “Sir, some students do not listen in class. When ...

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The Scam in Junior College (Part VIII)

A couple of days later Radha had her dance exams. During the break and free lectures in college she practiced while sitting in her seat, eyes closed in concentration. The supervisor told her to perform in front of them. The Commerce lecturer, Mr. Pitale, who was sitting in front of ...

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The Scam in Junior College (Part V)

Both Gauri and Radha had long hair and went to the same dance class to learn Bharatanatyam. Gauri had told her friend when she would wear her plaits in a particular way the students would tease her Chotiwali Miss behind her back. The other teachers complained to the Staff Supervisor ...

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The Scam in Junior College (Part IV)

The editor, Mr. Swaminathan Iyer, pondered over her query on how to expose the scam. He finally said, “Radha, you go try the English teacher’s job. But I don’t want you to go alone. Take Asha along. She can try the Physical Education teacher’s job. Try not to get caught.” ...

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