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Examination Fever

I had introduced you to some of my daughter’s poems before. Here’s another one that she wrote when she was in college – Examination Fever.

Examination Fever

By Gayatri T Rao

It was a day before our last examination.

When there was much excitation.

I was holding the journal and pacing the floor.

Learning the content by rote,

            I was walking to the cupboard from the door.

Suddenly, my head started aching and I sat on the bed.

I complained and Mummy was surprised my eyes were red.

She touched my forehead and it was hot.

Tension was prevailing in the house

and I had got a fever bout.

Mummy told me to rest but I did not listen.

For I had still to study a lot of portion.

At night, I felt really bad.

Everyone was troubled especially my Dad.

He was worried I’d flunk my exam.

“And that would lead to the loss of a year,” said my Mom.

The next day when out of the laboratory, I came;

I was feeling like someone had lifted off my head, a big burden.

Even the fever had gone.

            Thank God the exam had finished.

I had faired quite well,

            And was fresh when my home, I reached.

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