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Anant Chaturdashi

Anant Chaturdashi (IInd and Concluding Part)

Nowadays, colored Ganeshas are worshipped during this time and the idols are taken in processions to be immersed in water bodies. When we pray to the Ganeshas going for immersion, we are destined to get moksha.

On August 31st, which was the 7th day of Ganeshotsav, it was my birthday and I had taken my parents to ISKCON Temple in Juhu, Mumbai. The reason was we could see the Ganeshas being taken for immersion as well as worship the Lord at the temple.

Anant Chaturdashi
Anant Chaturdashi

We saw 308 Ganeshas in the 2 hours we traveled to the temple. We reached the temple when the Lord was being offered Naivedyam. During that time, the curtains in front of the deities are drawn. We waited till the curtains were opened. We got the chance to witness the deeparati and pushparati, which we had never been able to all the time we have been living in Mumbai.

When we returned home, Our Lady of Intolerance and her slaves had thrown a bottle of flit in front of our door. It means that the 3 of us should commit suicide and the leave our home and all the things in it to them to plunder. Mom took the bottle inside our home and has placed it today in the place of worship at our home with a box of Kum Kum over it so that their bad intentions do not get fulfilled.

Today, we begin the preparations for Navaratri and have to buy at least 1 doll/idol for the festival. We have placed the new Ganapathi idol with Anantapadmanabha Sheshasayana in the worship area. We worship one Ganesha image made of turmeric and one image of Gauri also made with turmeric so that the Navaratri festival passes well. We have also immersed those 2 images in a small vessel of water. We have also done the padi pooja for Navaratri. This is our tradition coming from my late maternal grandmother and permitted by my late paternal grandmother.

Eco-Friendly Immersion
Eco-Friendly Immersion

Last year, Mom had to be admitted to the hospital during Navaratri. Our Lady of Intolerance is so jealous of Mom because of Mom’s creativity that the woman, she is not even worthy of being called a woman, wants to kill my Mom. They perform black magic for the deterioration of our family. Many won’t believe it. That is why these people get away with their nefarious activities. During Navaratri, the Hit pesticide bottle might take some other form according to Mom’s creativity. Hoping Mom and the others at home are healthy all through the celebrations.

In the last few days people from our building, beginning from children to older people, come and kick our door and ring the bell. They also disappear the moment this is done. This is their routine around 7 in the evening when we perform the evening pooja. This way they try to distract us from the pooja and think that they won’t incur sin by it.

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