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Mahadevan asked Radha to Join their Animation Project

Good Sometimes Comes out of Evil! (Part III)

When Radha reached their Nariman Point office, she recognized Mr. V Mahadevan as the gentleman she had bumped into the previous day while rushing out of the interviewer’s cabin.
“I took your resume from my colleague in the other office. I found that you could fit in here since you have an artistic background,” Mahadevan told her.From ‘artistic background’, he meant the little sketching and painting that she did as a hobby!

Mahadevan asked Radha to Join their Animation Project
Mahadevan asked Radha to Join their Animation Project

“But, what does my ‘artistic background’ has to do with your department? I never applied for a job in IT?” she asked suspiciously. She thought that he was just being kind. But, what was he going to gain by being kind to a stranger? “I am not qualified in that direction.”
“I know you are not an IT professional. We are prepared to train you. Unless we give you opportunities, how are the educated unemployed of our country going to come up in life? The company is diversifying its IT department and we are stepping into the Animation scene. We will be preparing many gaming apps, initially. Then, we may step into the internet with similar projects. We were looking out for someone with a vivid imagination. All the professional brains, right now, according to me, are rusting in a cliched environment. When I met you yesterday, I thought, who else could help us on this project better than an inexperienced fresher. You could bring in much of your experiences in college and together we will translate them into our work,” he replied with inherent enthusiasm.
Radha thought that she would be a fool to pass up this opportunity.
To be continued…


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