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Hooked to Henna

Hooked to Henna

Henna or Mehendi is an essential part of the lives of an Indian girl, may she be a Hindu or a Muslim. It is just becoming that A Journalist Reveals should delve into Hennaecous facts to bring out some of its uses.
1. Girls are not just fans of different types of designs made of henna on their hands and even feet, but there is a scientific principle behind it. It has a cooling effect on our bodies and reduces body heat.
2. To prepare henna oil, boil 5-6 parts of til oil in slow fire. When the oil has been heated for some time, add 1 part of the paste of leaves and fruits of Phyllanthus niruri (Stone breaker or Bhumiamlaki), half part henna paste and ¼ part paste of Phyllanthus emblica fruits (Amla). After the contents thoroughly mix with each other, let it stand and cool down for 6 hours. This oil after filtering is to be applied like coconut oil on the hair. It not only cools the head, but also delays the formation of white hair and if used regularly for a long time, the hair grows thick and long.
3. The filtrate available after filtering the above oil should not be thrown away. If it is applied on the hair before shampooing, it acts like a hair-vitalizer.
4. Henna mix can be used as a hair dye as well. Boil 2 teaspoons of tea in 2 cups of water. Let the decoction cool down. Mix 3 teaspoons henna and 3 teaspoons amla powders to make a paste. If this paste is regularly used to dye hair, the hair never turns white!

Hooked to Henna
Hooked to Henna

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