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Makar Shankaranti Guidance Readings (Part II)

Sun will be transiting to the moon sign Capricorn on January 14, 2022. Though we share readings for the Sun signs, this post is an experiment on how the transition will affect the Sun signs. Today, we share the Makar Shankaranti Guidance Readings (Part II), by Fortune Card Reader Sundaravalli. This is the second part of the post.

Makar Shankaranti Guidance Readings (Part II)


Starting all over again might be required and these changes will be helpful to you. You will experience a time of continues change in your lives and also find an upsurge in your creativity. Positive vibes will flow into your soul from the Divinity. As a result, you will climb to great heights in your personal and professional lives.


Be easy-going and adjustable as far as your relationships are concerned. Consider a career in the media since you have the proficiency in it. Mingle with people on the same wavelength as yours but stay grounded to listen to your conscience. Indecisiveness might plague you.


The Almighty is sending monetary support your way and you might succeed commercially. He is propelling you toward good health, as well. You might welcome a guest, maybe permanent, at your home. Focusing on your passions and forte will bring success in your lives. Being touchy and judging others based on your own experiences will not be the right things to do. Emotions and decisions do not go together. Considering a new career might be ideal in the given circumstances.


Accept your current situation to be happy. Be ready for some news and new prospects coming your way. Light an oil lamp to welcome the Goddess of Prosperity, every evening. Good Karma will also attract positive abundance. Look forward to great developments in the offing.


The Almighty is showering you with good fortune. Extremely brilliant angels are observing, guiding and defending you. Moving under their directives, you will attract abundance and good fortune. Having a good Karmic backing, you will attract more luxury in your lives.


Avoid anger and being selfish. Compassion and sensitivity toward the needy will increase your positive Karmic level. Wearing an evil-eye charm will remove all negativity in your lives. Persuading someone can save that relationship.

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